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A Man and a Hundred Marble Walls

Flash fiction about man and his constant loss of time and more.


Haunting Of Hill House Is Deeper Than You Think

I’m sure by now, that everyone is talking about the new hit Netflix show, Haunting of Hill House. And I’m more than confident that almost everyone had taken their full of YouTube videos, blog posts and online reviews raving the show and how deep…

My Old Self

I swirl my stubby espresso cup and draw the first sip. It is wonderous how the first sip of coffee promises a tantalizing sensation, only to rob you of that expectation just after you pass that bitter lush foam. Then it’s just coffee. I…

The Lost fire

My eyes ache, I must have overslept, the agony of meek existence creeping in. But I remember, It crawls back to me like a soft piece of silk gliding over my hairy arm. A beautiful face, my wife kissing me before fleeing to work…